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Am I able to pause a gift subscription?

Do you need to delay or postpone the shipment of a gift? (Gift subscriptions are great for that.) Are you the recipient of a gift subscription but you're going on vacation? Have too much coffee and need to take a break?

Regardless of the reason, it's easy to pause a gift subscription. Four easy steps…

Step 1

Head over to the Subscriptions section of your account dashboard and click the “Pause Plan” button on the gift subscription of your choice.

Step 2

The choice is yours:

  • Skip just your next scheduled shipment
  • Pause your subscription by choosing a date on which you want it to automatically resume
  • Or pause indefinitely (for this option, your subscription will remain paused until you return to the Subscriptions section of your account dashboard, and resume manually)

Step 3

Click into the date field and either type in a date or choose your resume date from the calendar that pops up. 

Step 4

Confirm the date you choose.

That's it

Voila, the resulting screen indicates the date that the gift subscription will automatically resume on.

Last Updated Jul. 1, 2020