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What are the subscription options?

Signing up for Blue Bottle at Home allows you to tailor your subscription to specifically meet your coffee needs. Just choose how much, how often and what type of coffee and we’ll ensure that it is roasted to order then shipped to your door when you want it.

How much?

For our US subscriptions, we offer Half Bag (6oz), Standard Bag (12oz), Double Bag (24oz) and Triple Bag (36oz) options. 

For our international subscriptions, we offer our Half Bag (6oz) and Standard Bag (12oz) sizes. 

How often?

Select how frequently you would like to receive your coffee; whether it's every one, two, three, or four weeks, we’ll make sure you are well stocked.

Which coffee?

We offer three main subscription plans: Origins, Blend, and Espresso.

  • Origins brings you a new single origin coffee with every shipment. These coffees tend to be medium to light-roasted, and they vary in sweetness and acidity.
  • The Blend subscription is a rotating selection of our signature blends. This is designed for the regular coffee drinker who likes the familiarity of balanced and bold flavors, plus slightly darker roasts.
  • Our Espresso subscription is a rotating selection of our espresso blends and the occasional single origin that sings from the grouphead. This one's for espresso devotees and people who love darker, roasty coffees.

You can check out our subscription options here using our subscription tool.

Feel free to play with the amount and frequency. You’ll see the prices for each subscription change accordingly.

You can also sign up for a $5 trial and try out the subscription before you buy.

Already have a favorite blend? For those creatures of habit, you can also subscribe to just that coffee. Bella Donovan enthusiasts and Three Africas habitués rejoice!

Last Updated Feb. 4, 2021