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Brazil Samambaia Yellow Catuai Natural
Plum, Grapefruit, Hibiscus
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Roasts on Tuesday, August 9th

Roasts on Tuesday, August 9th

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About This Coffee
Henrique Cambraia of Fazenda Samambaia Farm is among a small percentage of producers in Brazil dedicated to specialty coffee, experimenting with processing methods and creating more diverse, complex coffees. This single-variety Yellow Catuai lot went through anaerobic fermentation: the ripe coffee cherry was stored in an oxygen-free container for 72 hours to slowly ferment, then dried whole.

This extra step unleashes a grapefruit-like vividness and an ample sweetness as fresh as juicy stone fruit. This fruitiness moves from palate to nose with a bright, stirring aroma made complex by a layer of florality.

These big, bright flavors make this lot shine among the relatively understated coffees more common in Brazil. While Cambraia never stops experimenting to find new layers within his cultivars, his co-op Sancoffee also focuses on creating social and environmental change. From working towards carbon neutrality to educating regional farmers and supporting the elderly with medical aid, this collective uses coffee to shape their home.
Region: Campo das Vertentes
Processing: Anaerobic Natural
Cultivar: Yellow Catuaí
Elevation: 1,100 meters
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