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Coffee and Cascara Set
Aida Batlle Coffee and Dried Coffee Cherry Tea


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About This Item
Aida Batlle is a living coffee legend, one of a handful of farmers known throughout the entire specialty community by name. She has not only upended the coffee world’s notions of El Salvadoran coffee, but she also introduced us to cascara, the dried fruit of the coffee cherry. To drink her Kilimanjaro single origin is to experience some of the most pristine cherry produced anywhere. Her hibiscus-like cascara provides the base of our cascara fizz. We might have been the first to import cascara into the United States, but we’re hardly the first to drink it. In coffee history, the tea predates brewed beans; in Yemen and Bolivia, among other places, it remains the preferred drink. Savor coffee cherry in its full life cycle, from roasted seed to dried fruit.
Roasts and ships weekly on Thursday.
One 85-g selection of El Salvador Aida Batlle Finca Kilimanjaro whole-bean coffee
One 35-g selection of El Salvador Aida Batlle Finca Kilimanjaro cascara
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