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Espresso Bright Bundle
Two blends designed specifically for a bright espresso experience


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About This Item
Opascope Espresso
Opascope Espresso is a refreshing contrast to our chocolaty Hayes Valley Espresso, yielding an effervescent shot bright with tropical fruit flavors.
We’ve always been fans of the opascope, a beautiful tool for projecting handwriting and finely rendered artwork onto a larger surface. With its quaint design and bulky contours, the opascope takes careful craftsmanship and scales it up to a size everyone can access and enjoy.
Juicy, vibrant, and clean.

Dose 20 g • Grouphead Temperature 200 F • Extraction 30 – 33 sec • Yield 35 g

Dandy Espresso
With a consistent base of Latin American coffee, this blend is delicate, refreshing, and exuberant - like a sunny day, or a stroll on the beach, or the daydream you indulge in when you’re stuck in traffic on the 101. If that all sounds very LA, it is. Originally crafted for our Los Angeles cafes, this espresso blend is so delightful we had to share it with everyone.
A suggested Dandy daydream: Soft morning air, the Beach Boys’ ‘Good Vibrations’ playing on the speakers, a coffee that eases its way onto the palate as the cat curls up on the sunny windowsill and you sink into your favorite chair. If, for some reason, you feel like donning a hat, swinging a cane, or whistling a tune today, we think you should go right ahead.
Zesty, eloquent, refreshing

Dose 20 g • Grouphead Temperature 200̊ F • Extraction 26 sec • Yield 40 g

Two 6 oz bags of whole-bean coffee
Roasts Tuesdays and Thursdays only
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