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Go Bottle
A water bottle to match your Blue Bottle to-go gear


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About This Item
Our first-ever water bottle, made in collaboration with Revomax, brings innovation to something as simple as hydration. Our 16 oz water bottle is insulated and designed to release internal pressure for carbonated drinks, so you can keep coffee fresh, sparkling water bubbly, or beer frothy. Its unique, double-sealed cap can easily be opened and closed with one hand and vacuum-seals shut with the pull of a trigger. Keep your water cool and your coffee hot all day long with the newest addition to our Blue Bottle to-go gear.
10.67" high with cap
Cap is dishwasher-safe, bottle is hand wash only
Color: White with blue logo
Materials: Stainless-steel bottle with cap made from silicone and BPA-free plastic
Made in China
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