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Honduras Santa Bárbara Ana Letis Reyes
Strawberry, butterscotch, honey
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Roasts and ships on Monday, July 13th

Roasts and ships on Monday, July 13th

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About This Coffee
Once known for merely pleasant coffee, Honduras has rewritten its reputation, with farmers like Ana Letis Reyes producing showstopping single origins. Her farm is one of the highest on Santa Bárbara Mountain. There, the frigid mountain air meets with the humid updrafts coming from Lake Yojoa below, creating just enough warmth for the local Pacas cultivar (a Bourbon mutation). Because the cherry ripens slowly, the resulting coffee has arresting berrylike flavors that balance its deep butterscotch-like sweetness. With each successive harvest, this coffee just gets more complex, showcasing what happens when the climate and producer work together to push a cultivar to its best.
Region: Santa Bárbara
Processing: Washed
Cultivar: Pacas
Elevation: 1,700 meters
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