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Peru Puno Juan Quilla Laura
toffee, honeysuckle, bergamot
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Roasts and ships on Tuesday, August 27th

Roasts and ships on Tuesday, August 27th

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About This Coffee
Every coffee we carry is the sum of a thousand steps done right. But the miracle of having a single origin from Peru deepens our sense of wonder. The South American country has all of the natural features required for superlative coffee, but its mountainous landscape often prevents specialty buyers from connecting with farmers. That’s why Red Fox Coffee Merchants is so remarkable: The export company’s sole focus is to find and preserve micolots from smallholder farms.
  • Our coffees go through a rigorous selection and quality-testing process, and we only share the coffees that have most captured our imaginations.
  • Each bag of Peru Puno Juan Quilla Laura whole beans is shipped to you within 24 hours of roasting.
  • Learn more about Perfectly Ground
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