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Season's Peak

Summer Blend

A Coffee in Full Bloom
As hot days give way to balmy nights, we seek refreshment in every form. With its stone-fruit brightness and quenching, tea-like finish, Summer is the kind of coffee we want to drink right now—as a pour over or French press in the morning, iced come afternoon. So buoyant it floats, it’s like traversing a lake in a speed boat, squinting at the sunlight reflecting off the waves.

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Sun Tea

Season's Peak
Summer Blend
Magnolia, nectarine, sun tea
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Roasts and ships on Monday, July 13th

Roasts and ships on Monday, July 13th

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About This Coffee
Summer combines two coffees with no ordinary origins: roughly two-thirds washed Arabica from Ethiopia, one-third SL cultivars from Kenya.

Coffee is native to Ethiopia and still grows wild there. Its heirloom indigenous varieties, found nowhere else in the world, produce beans that have altered many coffee professionals’ conceptions of what coffee can be. With their tea-like mouthfeel, they somehow manage to be both complex and delicate, with no edge, like diving into a pond on a hot day.

The Kenya cultivars are just as storied. Nearly a century ago, researchers working for Scott Laboratories isolated trees that thrived in Mount Kenya’s volcanic soil. These came to be known as SL cultivars; the silky, almost juicy coffees they produced helped propel the country to coffee fame. SL cultivars have since migrated to other coffeelands. But when grown in native soil, they make for fireworks in the cup.

Together these two standard-bearers make a genre-bending coffee that straddles the line between single origin and blend.
Our Seasonal Blends are inspired by the Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel,* a tool that links colors to flavors and helps professionals to build a shared lexicon with coffee drinkers everywhere.

*©Specialty Coffee Association and World Coffee Research
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Telamo Cooperative in the Sidama Zone of southern Ethiopia serves thousands of smallholder farmers. Wet processing unveils intricate floral layers inherent to coffee varieties found there and nowhere else in the world.


Kainamui Factory in Kirinyaga County works with four thousand farmers who grow cultivars suited to Mt. Kenya’s volcanic soil. During wet processing, the coffee undergoes an additional fermentation stage, yielding a focused, lively cup.

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