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Uganda Nebbi White Nile Natural
Black Cherry, Hibiscus, Honey
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Roasts and ships on Wednesday, April 1st

Roasts and ships on Wednesday, April 1st

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About This Coffee
This natural-processed Uganda is a regional outlier in the best possible way. Surrounded by some of the world's most renowned coffee-growing countries, such as Kenya and Ethiopia, this East African nation isn't always associated with specialty coffee. Instead, the country focuses on exporting huge amounts of the robusta species of coffee, which usually ends up in mass market blends. High-quality arabicas are starting to become more common, which is good news for us. We’re excited to offer this lot for the first time from White Nile, an innovative mill in the northwestern highlands of the Nebbi region named after the river that runs north to meet the Nile. The natural processing brings out a jammy sweetness in the coffee, reminding us of stone fruits and showing us the deliciousness that is possible in coffee from Uganda.
  • All of our blends (both the individual components and the blend itself) are tested weekly by our professional tasters to ensure quality and deliciousness.
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